Timing is great for tracking time.
Timing 2021 is way better.

Timing 1 was already a great app for automatically tracking how you spend your time.
However, it wasn't perfect — the interface was a bit clunky at times, tracking off-computer time could be cumbersome, and assigning activities to projects was not very flexible.

With a brand new interface, Timing 2021 does much better.
It still has all the automatic tracking features you know and love, but adds:

  • A timeline that shows you how you spent your day.
  • Automatic suggestions to assign whole blocks of time at once.
  • Productivity tracking — see when you are most productive.
  • Searching activities.
  • A much more flexible rule system.
  • Lots of report options, including timesheets.
  • Start/stop timers (if you need them).
  • And much more...
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Requires macOS High Sierra and supports macOS Big Sur.

See Exactly When You Worked.

Timing 2019's smart timeline shows you exactly what you did at any given time.

And it even makes suggestions for blocks of time that belong together — just click the '+' button to assign a whole block at once!
This even works for times when you didn't use your Mac, so you can easily add meetings!

(You can also drag on the timeline to only show activities during a particular time range.)

Track time from anywhere,
even on the go.

Timing 2019 includes sync and a web app, letting you start and stop tasks right on your iPhone before you forget about them.

We also offer a Web API for integrating with your billing system of choice. And the Zapier integration lets you connect Timing to third-party services without writing any code.

Get The Information You Need.

Timing 2019's brand-new dashboard gives you a great overview of where your time went.

It even shows when you are most productive, so you know when you do your best work.

Assign Time Via Drag-and-Drop.

Timing 2019 still features the familiar drag-and-drop interface, with one improvement:

Simply dragging an activity doesn't create a rule anymore.
This lets you now assign the same activity at different times to different projects.

(To create a rule in Timing 2019, simply hold βŒ₯ pressed while dragging.)

Track Time More Effectively Than Ever.

Timing 2019 features hundreds of small (and big!) improvements throughout the entire app.

For example:

  • Timing 2019 automatically computes a productivity score for you, so you know exactly when you've been slacking off for too long.
  • You can now πŸ” search for activities by application, title or path.
  • You can now create πŸ’‘ custom rules with wildcards.
  • Timing 2019 will automatically group your activities according to criteria such as keyword, website, app, and folder.
  • Timing 2019 tracks more information for several apps, such as Messages, Slack, Skype, and Final Cut Pro.
  • Much better performance, especially if you have tracked lots of data.

Did Something Off Your Mac?
Timing 2019 Has You Covered!

If you need to track other activities, such as phone calls or meetings, just start a timer.
Timing 2019 will automatically remind you to stop it when appropriate.

And it can still automatically ask you what you did when you return to your desk!

Get Sophisticated Reports In Seconds.

Timing 2019 comes with a new, powerful reports feature built-in.
Select from one of several report presets or customize the report to your liking.

No matter how your clients need you to report your time,
Timing 2019 can do it.

Upgrade to Timing 2021 now!