Timing 2 is an automatic time and productivity tracking app for macOS.

Most time tracking apps force you to manually start and stop timers.
Timing is different — it automatically tracks which apps, documents and websites you use.
It lets you see exactly when you did what, and how long you spent on each activity.

In the default configuration, this data can already be tremendously useful, but power users will love the extensive customization options Timing offers.

This makes Timing 2 an essential tool for every Mac user trying to get more productive, not to mention freelancers!

If you would like to try out Timing with a pre-made data set, run the following Terminal command to temporarily use a data set we prepared for you:
open /Applications/ --args --useSampleData
Your personal Timing data will not be affected.
This is also a great way to take pretty screenshots of Timing!

What makes Timing 2 unique?

  • Timing combines automatic and manual time tracking, for both easier and more accurate tracking.
  • Automatic time tracking with extremely high accuracy:
    Timing tracks apps, document paths, website URLs, titles of read emails, conversation partners in Messages, and more.
  • An interactive timeline that shows you exactly when you did what. This lets you manually record offline time and calendar events with just one click.
  • Automatic suggestions for blocks of time that belong together. This lets you assign hours of time at once,
    combining the accuracy of manual time tracking with the convenience of automatic tracking.
  • The option to create sophisticated rules to further automate categorization of activities.
  • Timing can automatically ask you what you did whenever you return to your Mac.
  • To summarize, the combination of all these (and more) special automation features makes for a product that really makes time tracking much easier than before.
  • Timing respects your privacy. In contrast to a lot of other time tracking services, it does not upload your data to the cloud.
    We even figured out a way to avoid tracking your incognito browser windows to further protect your privacy!

Why should you write about Timing 2?

  • Our users love it. And your readers will, too. Try it, and you'll see why. 😉
  • Instead of reviewing yet another vanilla start/stop timer app, why not review an app that does things differently?
  • Timing's automatic time tracking approach is so much more convenient than manual time tracking.
  • Timing 2's automatic block suggestions are a unique and useful feature —
    they let you assign a whole day's worth of work in a few seconds.
    This is the first time that time tracking can actually be fun!
  • Daniel's decision to quit his job at Google to go Indie against the trend is an interesting story (see below).
  • More and more users are becoming aware of protecting their privacy — Timing fully embraces that.
  • Timing 2 is one more example of an app leaving the Mac App Store in favor of direct distribution.

Timing's Story

In 2009, Daniel Alm developed his first commercial app, while still working as a student.
After some initial success, he wanted to calculate an effective hourly wage for himself.
The problem was — he didn't know how much time he spent working on the app in the first place!

He could fix that in the future by tracking time manually, but he was too lazy for that.
So instead, he spent even more effort building the first version of Timing on the Mac App Store.
This version was released in July of 2011 and received several incremental updates over the years.
However, after Daniel accepted an offer from Google in 2013, development slowed significantly.

In 2015, it became clear that Daniel's vision of Timing couldn't be fulfilled in his spare time while working at Google.
Faced with the prospect of staying at Google and letting go of his dreams of becoming a full-time Indie developer, he left Google in January 2016.

Now, after more than one year of full-time work, Timing 2 receives its biggest update ever!
A complete redesign of the UI makes Timing 2 a pleasure to use, to finally make time tracking enjoyable.
Rewriting the code base from scratch has led to blazing-fast performance, no matter how much data you have tracked.
To summarize, Timing 2 in its current form is an essential tool for every freelancer as well as everyone trying to get more productive.

Timing 2 will no longer be available on the Mac App Store, though — mostly for two reasons:
Sandboxing restrictions and lack of paid upgrades, which are essential to keeping Indie app development sustainable.

Additional features

  • Productivity Score: Timing 2 automatically calculates how productive you were.
    Each project can be assigned a custom productivity rating.
  • The dashboard lets you quickly get an overview on:
    • How much time you spent in total, on different projects, and in which apps.
    • When you are most productive.
    • How your time is spent across hours, days, weeks or months.
  • Detail mode lets you really dive into the tracked data.
  • Extensive report generation and exporting capabilities (Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML).
  • Option to automatically get asked how you spent time off the computer.
  • Start/stop timers.

Release Date

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.


Timing 2 comes in three variants:

  • Professional, $72 per year. Tracks the user's detailed app usage and productivity score. Also supports manual task creation (to categorize blocks of time), start/stop timers, reporting capabilities, and work-related features such as restricting tracking to specific hours.
  • Expert, $96 per year Includes advanced filtering options, fully customizable reports, AppleScript support, and more.
  • Connect, $144 per year. Currently in early access.

For more details please refer to our pricing page.

Available Languages

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • French

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.15 Catalina or above.
  • About 300 MB free disk space.

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