Billing Time with GrandTotal and Timing

(Please note that our GrandTotal integration requires a Timing Expert subscription.)

We often get asked about invoicing solutions that work well with Timing. Our go-to recommendation for billing your time is GrandTotal: it has a very comprehensive feature set and features a plugin for easily importing Timing time entries into your GrandTotal bills.

Table of Contents

Adding Tasks via the Plugin

Once you install the Timing plugin for GrandTotal, if you are using the Expert edition of Timing, all your Timing tasks will automatically show up in GrandTotal:

You can then add those tasks to a GrandTotal invoice by pressing the blue "Invoice Selection" button at the bottom of the GrandTotal window.

Project Structure

GrandTotal has concepts for both clients and projects. As Timing only supports projects, the GrandTotal plugin automatically imports the root-level project of a given task as its "Client", while the second-level project in Timing will be used as the "Project" in GrandTotal. The task's title in Timing shows up in GrandTotal's "Category" column.

Custom Hourly Rates

If you'd like to use different hourly rates in GrandTotal for different Timing projects, add the desired hourly rate in parentheses to the name of your Timing project. For example, a root-level project called "Acme Inc. (50)" in Timing will be shown as a client "Acme Inc." with an hourly rate of 50 €/$/etc. in GrandTotal.


Please note that Timing can only export tasks to GrandTotal, but not app usage. You can find various options for quickly creating tasks in the corresponding knowledge base article.

Adding Tasks via Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste

If you do not want to use GrandTotal's Timing plugin, you can also select Tasks in Timing's activity list, then drag those onto an invoice in GrandTotal.

Alternatively, you can copy those tasks by pressing ⌘-C in Timing, then paste them into a GrandTotal invoice with ⌘-V.

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