• How to Get Screen Time for Your Mac Right Now

    Screen time mac

    Last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) saw the exciting unveiling of macOS 10.15, which will officially be released to the public in the fall. This latest version of macOS includes plenty of useful new features, including new book apps, TV apps, music apps, and maybe most relevant to freelancers: Screen Time for Mac.

    Screen Time is still a relatively new feature that, up until now, has been exclusive to iPads and iPhones. It’s basically a time-tracking device that helps you see how much time you’re spending (or wasting) on your handheld devices – including specific applications, and even categories, such as “Entertainment,” “Productivity,” or “Social Networking.”

    One of the most valuable aspects of Screen Time is that it lets you know how much time you’re spending on a daily – or weekly – basis on your device. And, it will tell you just how much you’ve gone over or under that average.

    Not only that, but Screen Time gives you the ability to schedule time away from your device with “Downtime,” or set your own time limits for specific, time-sucking applications with “App Limits.”

    You also get to see how many times a day (or hour) that you pick up your device…and how many notifications you receive.

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  • Using Timing’s Calendar Integration to Track Time on the Go

    It happens to the best of us: We plan to have an incredibly productive day, only to be pulled in a thousand different directions. Surprise meetings, client calls, or even having to pick up your sick kid from school, can disrupt your plans. You feel guilty, as if you’re not accomplishing what you set out to.

    Worry no more! With Timing, you can keep track of the time you spent on the go, not just on your computer. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you really were being productive in all those meetings. You’ll have proof to show your boss just how you spent time away from your desk. Or you can show your clients just how much of your time they take when they call you at all hours of the day.

    Unfortunately, the kind of automatic app tracking that Timing does, would not be possible on iOS, as that operating system is much more locked down than macOS. You can use iOS’ “Screen Time” feature there for a similar outcome, though, but that data can’t be exported from iOS (and thus not incorporated into Timing).

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  • Screen Time on Your iPhone and iPad: The Definitive Guide

    Screen time

    Apple rarely fails to impress and delight us with new iPhone updates, products, and industry announcements.

    And the iOS 12 software update has not disappointed, especially with a newly released feature designed to increase your awareness of the time you spend on your iPhone: Screen Time.

    Screen Time could change the way you think about your iPhone or iPad by allowing you to review how you are using your device and how often, and make adjustments accordingly.

    Here at Timing, we’re applauding – Obviously, we’re all about time tracking for increasing productivity!

    And while there are significant differences between Timing on macOS and Screen Time on your iPhone or iPad, we’re still excited to take a deeper look at what Screen Time offers you, and how it can help you review and improve your time usage.

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  • Are You Setting Yourself Up for a Productive Day?

    Productive day

    Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t seem to focus your brain?

    You might find yourself trying to get started on a task, but other things keep disrupting you. Or you might just feel a little tired and foggy.

    We’ve all been there, and we know how frustrating those days can be. After all, we all have a lot of things to accomplish! These tasks are often tied to work, which directly impacts our income. That’s why having a productive day isn’t just beneficial for our mental well-being, but for our quality of life as well.

    Though there are some life factors that you don’t have control over, you do have a say in how you start your day every morning.

    That’s why we’ve pulled together our recommendations for waking up on the right side of the bed, ready to take on the day.

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  • Timing 2019.1: Undo Support and Usability Improvements

    We are happy to announce the release of Timing 2019.1! Read on for the update’s full release notes.

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  • How to Get Your Employees to Start Tracking Time

    Employee time tracking

    In order to make smart, informed business decisions, you have to be acutely aware of how you are spending your time.

    Freelancers tend to have a more innate realization of this, since the impact of time spent versus value received is more obvious. After all, it’s imperative to a freelancer’s direct income that he or she properly bill clients for hours spent working or projects delivered.

    However, this concept also applies to larger businesses—actually even more so. If being conscious of time is important for a single worker, think of that significance as you multiply the amount of people working.

    Productivity and awareness are critical to a lean team, and the impacts can seem more apparent on a smaller scale. But with a bigger team, the seemingly minor effects of wasted hours can add up—creating a big hole in productivity and earning potential for a business.

    That’s why being cognizant of how your employees are spending their time each day can have such a colossal impact on your bottom line.

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  • MacSparky Video Guide for Timing now available!

    We have partnered with David Sparks (also known as MacSparky) to create a five-part video guide on Timing! The first few videos offer a great way to get started with Timing, while the later ones dive deep into Timing’s more advanced features such as rules and manual tracking.

    In particular, you will learn:

    1. How Timing can help make your time tracking easier and more accurate.
    2. How you can categorize your activities in Timing, letting you see exactly what you worked on at any given time.
    3. How you can manually capture time entries and calendar events or meetings into Timing.
    4. How you can set up your projects for maximum efficiency.
    5. What more advanced, “power user” features Timing offers.

    Read on to watch all five videos!

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  • Becoming a Champ at Time Tracking

    Time Tracking App

    Time is arguably the most valuable currency in life. We are all allotted the same amount of it in a day, but we never know how much of it we will have in a lifetime. That’s why it is so precious.

    In order to live a fulfilling life, we must be extremely cognizant of how we are spending our time each and every day.

    Many of us would prefer to spend our time with family and friends, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, and feeding our brains.

    However, we can’t do all those things without financial stability. Though money certainly isn’t the most important factor of life, it does award us freedom and security. Which is why time tracking is so important not just in terms of work, but our whole lives.

    Maximizing productivity in our work lives means we are giving ourselves the opportunity to not work harder, but instead work smarter. Once we master this, we find we are able to spend less time making the income we need to live a balanced and rewarding life.

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  • How to Become a Freelancer (When You Already Have a Full-Time Job)

    Freelance while working

    For a long, long time people have sidetracked from their primary jobs to do a little something extra. Whether for financial reasons, exploring a hobby, or personal fulfillment, it’s not out of the ordinary to feel the itch to branch out on your own a bit.

    Thanks to more digitized communication, having a side hustle has become a lot more attainable. It’s also made it so that tapping into a secondary source of income isn’t confined to just having a store on Etsy (though that’s cool, too). Nowadays, you can take almost any talent—especially one that translates across digital properties—and use it to your advantage by becoming a freelancer.

    Though freelancing may sound attractive (we mean, who doesn’t dream of ditching the 9-to-5 grind), we understand—and recommend—the need to dip your toe into the water before diving in headfirst.

    Keep in mind that being a freelancer requires a certain kind of personality—one that is driven, organized, and realistic. But we know that has y-o-u written all over it, so let us share insider tips on how to get rolling.

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  • The Top Reasons to Track Time, Unrelated to Work

    Time tracking

    When we think about time tracking, we mostly think about it being a best practice for work purposes.

    Tracking time boosts productivity, allows freelancers to accurately bill clients for projects, and gives us a better sense of how long a task may take (which can help both with planning and developing scopes of work).

    But did you know that tracking time is also essential for your life outside of work?

    Regardless of what fills your hours and days, time management is something nearly all of us struggle with.

    We all have a lot of responsibilities and expectations, both from external and internal sources—work (of course), family obligations, friendships to nurture, personal health and wellness, and the daily maintenance of life.

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