• Timing’s Look at the iOS 12 Update

    iOS 12

    There’s always a lot of excitement surrounding an Apple announcement—and for good reason.

    The brand is an innovative leader in technology, and has made many products that have seamlessly integrated into our lives to make our daily routines easier, smarter, and better connected.

    It should come as no surprise that we here at Timing are big Apple fans (Timing tracks all your time spent on your Mac—and off of it—after all). We love perusing what experts and customers alike have to say following a big announcement from the industry giant.

    New iPhones, an Apple Watch update, and iOS 12 were all topics of discussion at Apple’s September 12 press conference, and we’re going to take a look at all of them.

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  • Timing 2018.3: Dark Mode, App Integrations, and More!

    We are happy to announce the release of Timing 2018.3!

    Among other things, the new version includes:

    • Support for macOS Mojave, including a great new Dark Mode
    • A design refresh for light mode
    • Advanced tracking support for Mailplane, Bear, Dash and Opera
    • Integration with GrandTotal, letting you easily create invoices from your Timing tasks
    • 你好! A Chinese translation 🇨🇳
    • And dozens of other improvements (many of which are based on your feedback), for a total of 38 changes in the release notes!

    Read on for more details on these changes, as well as some important notes for using Timing on macOS Mojave.

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  • Tips & Tricks for Categorizing Your Time

    Timing time tracking

    If you’re already a user of Timing, then we don’t need to tell you how time tracking can seriously improve your productivity, earning potential, and attitude.

    Facebook even recently announced that it will allow users to track and limit the amount of time spent on its social media app to have a positive impact on mental health.

    And, as a Timing customer, you likely immersed yourself (or hopefully at least skimmed) our email course during your first week playing around with the app.

    Timing offers a lot of capabilities and features, but your situation might not require every single one. To get the most out of the software and become as efficient as possible when tracking time, we rounded up our best tips and tricks in one place.

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  • How to Make This School Year Your Best Yet

    Productivity for Students

    Hey, students! You’ve likely spent your summer break traveling (lucky duck), interning, on your parents’ couch, or working to pay for next semester’s tuition (kudos to you).

    Whatever the case, it’s time to dust off the notebooks and hit the library stacks, because university is back in session.

    The back-to-school wave can bring on a number of emotions. We always personally loved the feeling of starting a fresh chapter—it seemed like an infinite oasis of opportunity to take the bull by its horns and really live up to the potential we knew was inside of us. We wanted to commit to our studies and accomplish a laundry list of endeavors for the year. (A little overzealous, but a good attitude nonetheless.)

    On the other hand, it can feel a bit daunting. You go from having at least some control over your schedule to being inundated with lectures, class assignments, pressures to map out the future, and the non-stop flow of social engagements.

    But, our friend, have no fear. Timing is here to help you tackle the new semester and set yourself up to have your best school year yet.

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  • Are You Ready to Freelance?

    Full-Time to Freelance

    Have you noticed how much more common the concept of freelancing is today?

    What used to be a term seemingly reserved for writers—reporters, columnists, copyeditors, etc.—has now transcended across nearly every industry.

    (According to Merriam-Webster, the word “freelance” seems to have started in the early 1800s to describe a medieval soldier who would fight for the side willing to pay him the most. It was first mentioned in Ivanhoe, a novel by Sir Walter Scott.)

    Especially in an increasingly digital world, the demand for developers, digital marketers, and tech whizzes has skyrocketed. Particularly when it comes to specialized needs, experts can find themselves in a position where they are being paid top dollar without having to make a full-time, on-site commitment.

    Are you in a place in your career where going out on your own and “being your own boss” is something that feels right?

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  • 3 Mistakes You’re Making When Tracking Time (and How to Fix Them)

    Time Tracking

    Chances are that if you’re a freelancer or business owner, you are all too familiar with the practice of tracking your time.

    Whether it’s necessary to properly bill clients or is just a good habit developed out of the desire to be more productive, you already know that the minimal time it actually takes to track time (especially if you take advantage of helpful tools, hint hint) is well worth the payoff.

    And, if you work in an office environment and haven’t been required to track your time yet, get ready—it’s probably coming soon.

    That’s why it’s important to understand how to properly track time and avoid some common mistakes.

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  • 5 Successful Night Owls Bust the Early Bird Myth

    Because you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to be productive!

    I really wish that I could bounce out of bed at 4am, drink some lemon water, and be on with the day. In fact, I once did that for a week and was a crying wreck by 7pm on Thursday. My coworker made me promise I’d stop.

    Were I to believe many of the productivity articles and entrepreneurs out there, this flaw means I’ll never be successful.

    When entrepreneurs talk about their morning routines, I feel like I’m in a locker room conversation of everyone one-upping the next. “I wake up at 5am and spend 90 minutes working out,” “Well I wake up at 4am, run a 10k, then mentor underprivileged kids and found a new NGO before checking emails by 8am.”

    Sir Richard Branson wakes up every day at 5am and encourages everyone to do the same. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo is up at 4. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is up at 5:30am and out the door for a jog. They’re not the anomalies. In an informal survey, 90 percent of executives identified as being early risers.

    Feeling guilty for sleeping in till 7?

    This guilt made me want to explore a radical concept: what if you can sleep in, but still absolutely crush the heck out of your day?

    Some entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk, seem to be both lark and owl — getting 6 hours of sleep a night. Other CEOs swear by 4 solid hours, and even advise on how to cut your sleep down to that little.

    The thought of only 4 hours sleep a night, though, is a little horrifying. So we talked to some real-life night owls, and guess what? They’re still getting loads done, and getting plenty of sleep in the process. Here’s why our successful night owls swear by the evening hours for their productivity.

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  • Time Scarcity is in Your Head: Here’s How to Break Free

    Do you say ‘I don’t have time’ too much? Here’s how to manage your time better with a change in mindset, and Mac productivity apps that will restore the hours in your day.

    It’s already July. Where has the year gone? For that matter, do you remember the millenium? Children born in the Millenium will now be graduating from high school and heading off to college. Where has the time gone?

    “I don’t have time” is said way. Too. Much. Period. Yet we all have 24 hours in the day, so how do some people seem to have so much more?

    Statistics are now showing us how “I don’t have time” is just blatantly wrong. We work less than we used to, and we have more free time. Yet that is far from the experience of most people.

    But why? There’s one simple explanation, which is that we’re spending too much time on our screens, even when we’re not working. In a 2017 Ted Talk, psychologist Adam Alter analysed why our screens are stealing our time, and the reasons why this isn’t good for our mental health.

    It goes beyond our screens though. Being busy has become fashionable, a badge of success. It used to be that having made it meant that you had leisure time. Now, it seems that the wealthy and successful have more jam-packed schedules than any of us.

    So how do you break out of this culture where being busy is a status symbol, and develop a mindset of time abundance, rather than poverty. From work time apps and Mac productivity apps to a change in the words you use in daily life, here are some ways to reclaim the hours in your day.

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  • Introducing Timing Sync: Now tracking time across all your Macs!

    Ever since we launched Timing 2 a year ago, this has been our most popular feature request:

    How can I combine all my tracking data to get a complete picture of what I’m working on?

    For a long time, we didn’t have a good answer to this.

    But now, with Timing version 2018.1, you can finally sync your Timing data across all your Macs.
    The update is free for all Timing 2 customers and available right now (with Sync included for 12 months after your purchase), so you can download it right away or wait for our automatic updater to offer installing it. And if you are using Timing through Setapp, the update should automatically get installed very soon as well.

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  • 9 Entrepreneurs Share Weird Ways They Manage Time Effectively

    Tired of the same old tips for how to manage time? We asked productivity experts to weigh in with what they consider their ‘weirdest’ tips.

    Want to be more productive? Get up earlier, work in small bursts, exercise, and drink water. If I had a dollar for every article on the internet telling me to do these, I’d be richer than a Kardashian.

    What about the things that you don’t hear constantly: the experiments, and the personal discoveries? The Eureka moments when those of us desperate to eke more time out of our day realize if I do this small thing I work so much better!

    Employing some lesser-known hacks might be what you need to transition from stress-preneur to entrepreneur. Don’t worry, though, we’re only advocating legal techniques, unlike micro-dosing LSD which is currently the trending productivity hack in Silicon Valley.

    To find some brand new productivity hacks, we asked some experts what they do to get the most from their day. Think you know it all already? You’re about to find out.

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