• Tips for Increasing Your Time Efficiency as a Freelancer

    Time efficiency

    Whether you are paid per-project or per-hour, being efficient with your time is critical to your success as a freelancer. But time efficiency is not as easy to attain as it sounds. With “time sucks” waiting at every corner (and click), the average freelancer is susceptible to being distracted, slowed down, and ultimately, robbed of income on a daily (and hourly) basis.

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  • How to Identify Your Flow Using Time-Tracking

    Identify your flow

    “Flow” is a term that you may have heard thrown around quite a bit, but are you sure you know exactly what it is? It sounds undoubtedly positive, suggesting a state of effortless output and profound enjoyment. At the same time, flow sounds a bit nebulous. What is it, exactly? And most importantly, how do you identify your flow?

    Think of it this way: Some days, you are super-productive and hyper-focused, so concentrated that you seem to lose track of hours passing, mealtimes, and the need to sleep. Other days, you feel like you are grinding away, maybe even fighting distraction while you try to work.

    The first scenario, of course, is you in a state of flow – accomplishing your goals, checking off tasks, and enjoying work so much that it doesn’t feel like a slog. The second is you outside of flow – grinding away at your checklist while you attempt to stay off your iPhone.

    Of course, you can’t always be in your flow, ideal as that would be. Still, there are certain ways to identify your flow, foster a flow-inducing environment, and get your best work done while you’re focused, goal-oriented, and maybe even having fun.

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  • Automate Time Tracking on your iPhone with Timing and Siri Shortcuts

    Two weeks ago, we covered how you can use the Timing Web App to start and stop tasks on the go. Today, you will learn how you can use Siri shortcuts to start and stop tasks, without having to open the web app at all. This means you can start tracking even faster than before — no time wasted loading the web app.

    You can even come up with a custom voice command to open your shortcut — “do work”, “get it done”, “every day I’m hustling” — are all perfectly acceptable options. There’s nothing like commanding your phone to “get er done” at the start of a meeting…

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  • A Breakdown to Setting Your Rates as a Freelancer

    Setting freelance rates

    One of the most significant benefits of working for yourself is setting your own rates. One of the biggest drawbacks of working for yourself is also… setting your own rates. Setting freelance rates is both an advantage (hello, higher income!) and a burden (what the heck do I charge?!).

    Charge too much for an hourly rate or a project, and you risk losing a client or a job. Charge too little, and you risk losing time and money on a project that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth.

    We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Setting freelance rates is a challenge, and it doesn’t necessarily become easier as you advance in your career, gain experience, or increase your income. Still, there are a number of strategies and principles to keep in mind when setting your rates, so that you can strike a balance and get the most out of every client or project.

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  • Track Time on the Go with the Timing Web App — Right from Your iPhone!

    With our recent Timing 2019.2 update, you can now access your Timing data via our new web app. This means that you can now track your time with Timing from anywhere!

    To access the web app, simply visit web.timingapp.com. There, you can start and stop tasks right from the home page — yet another way to keep track of your time, regardless of which device you are using right now.

    I especially love this feature for phone calls or on-site meetings, and even when I’m researching work-related tasks via Google on my phone. Let’s face it, we need a time tracking app that works where you work.

    There are two super easy ways to start tracking your time from the phone web app:

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  • 8 Tips for Limiting Distractions to Maximize Your Productivity

    Limit distractions

    If you’ve made the plunge into full-time freelancing, then you already know the joy and the freedom of controlling when you work and where you work. You may also know the not-so-insignificant challenge of trying to limit distractions.

    Picture this: You open your laptop, sift through your priorities, and get to work. Things are going smoothly and you are getting a great start on a full, productive day. Then, distraction sets in. Your iPhone pings with another text message, retargeting ads remind you of the new shoes you’ve been eyeing, and you decide to watch just one video on YouTube.

    You’re distracted. And even if you’re not sinking swiftly down the rabbit hole of the internet, your attention is most likely divided between your work and your iPhone…or your work and your inbox…or your work and the conversation happening at the table next to you.

    Even if you’re not a freelancer, distraction in the workplace and during work hours might still get the best of you. In fact, one study showed that the typical office worker gets interrupted or changes tasks every three minutes and five seconds. Yikes! It’s no surprise that this can take a huge toll on productive output.

    Maintaining a consistent, steady work flow is the best way to be task-oriented and ultimately successful, regardless of what you do for work, or where you work. In order to effectively limit distractions, however, you’ll need to be strategic.

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  • Timing 2019.2: Web App & API, Archiving Projects, and More!

    We are happy to announce the release of Timing 2019.2!

    The new version includes:

    • Web/iPhone app: You can now track time on the go via web.timingapp.com, which is fully phone-optimized.
    • Siri shortcuts: We have created a few Siri shortcuts to quickly start and stop tasks from your iPhone.
    • Web API and Zapier integration: These let you integrate Timing with other services.
    • Archiving projects: You can now archive projects, which hides them in various parts of the interface and disables their rules.
    • Batch-editing task titles: Double-click a task title in Timing to quickly edit all tasks with the same title rather than just one.
    • Stop tasks started on other devices: If you e.g. start a task on your iMac, that task will also show up as running on your MacBook, letting you quickly edit or stop it from there.

    Read on for more details on all of the new features!

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  • 10 Steps for Optimizing Your Time Tracking with Timing

    Optimize time tracking

    If you’re a freelancer, you probably already know that time tracking is, well, worth your time.

    On a micro-scale, time tracking gives you valuable insight into how long you spend on specific projects and activities; your most productive hours of the day; and what, if anything, may be distracting you from your priorities.

    On a macro-scale, time tracking can help you develop greater time management skills, become more productive, and earn more cash (who doesn’t want that?).

    That being said, there’s a right (and wrong) way to track your time. Tracking your time incorrectly, which often results from manual tracking or start-and-stop timers, can do you more harm than good by giving you an inaccurate picture of how you spend your precious minutes and hours.

    But by following strategic steps in your time tracking, you can get the most out of this wise and productive habit – helping you to gain more detailed, in-depth knowledge of your own work habits, speed, and level of efficiency.

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  • How to Leverage Your Time-Tracking Data for More Earnings and Better Productivity

    Leveraging time-tracking data

    Congratulations! You’ve started to successfully track your time.

    You’ve got the reporting to prove your productivity and effective time management. You know where and how you’re spending your precious minutes and hours, and at what points in the day you are most productive. You’re headed in the right direction towards effective time management.

    Now what?

    You’ve tracked your time. Now, you’re ready to leverage that valuable information to prove your worth as a professional resource, help you become a higher earner, and increase your productivity.

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  • Want to Boost Your Earning Potential? 4 Tips How

    boost earning potential

    The average American earns $44,720 per year.

    That doesn’t sound terrible – until you factor in the reality that younger workers (between the ages of 20–24) are making $28,000 per year on average.

    No matter where you fall on the spectrum of pay in the U.S., chances are that you’d like to raise your own income up a couple of notches.

    You want to boost your earning potential….but do you believe it’s really possible?

    You might have a packed schedule, a limited educational background, or even work in a career field that doesn’t bring in a ton of cash.

    We’re not intimidated by these barriers, and neither should you be. It is possible to boost your earning potential, regardless of the stage of life you find yourself in, your current income, or your (perceived) lack of resources.

    Here are four tips on how to boost your earning potential without switching careers:

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