• Case Study: Using Time-Tracking to Optimize Results & Grow with Wahm Workspace


    Bianca Johnson started Wahm Workspace to provide virtual assistance for creatives who want to spend a little more time on their craft, and a little less time on things like posting on social media, responding to emails, or bookkeeping. You can imagine then, that as the lead VA in her own business, Bianca has got a heavy administrative load herself. What’s her secret to staying on top of the ball with multiple clients and a near-endless list of tasks? Time-tracking.

    That being said, it hasn’t always been easy to find the right kind of time-tracking tool to measure, label, and organize hours spent on tasks like inbox management or web development. “I tried them all,” said Bianca of various time-tracking tools. Finding most of them “clunky” and unhelpful, however, led Bianca on a quest for the perfect time-tracker: a tool that would give her optimized results while still allowing her to remain mostly hands-off.

    When Bianca discovered Timing, she found an automatic time-tracker that produced fine-tuned results. Unlike the majority of time-tracking tools, she didn’t have to continually switch gears throughout the day to make sure her time-tracking app was accurately capturing her working hours and minutes. Not only that, she discovered that Timing generated powerful, detailed reports she could use with clients in a range of situations. Finally, she found she could take on more clients (and more income) by utilizing a few simple strategies to optimize her results.

    Here is how Timing has helped Bianca to scale up Wahm Workspace and get better results for both her and her clients.

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  • Time-Tracking for Video Editors & Podcast Producers

    Time-tracking video editors

    Editing video and audio content is uniquely detailed work. As anyone who has spent two hours working on a 5-minute clip knows, there’s a lot that goes into producing that video or Podcast episode. That’s why professionals like podcast producers and video editors need extraordinary focus, meticulous attention to detail, and lastly, a keen sense of timing.

    But these creatives don’t just need to know how to time things right. They also need external tools to help them track their own working hours. In this article, we’ll take a look at why automatic time-tracking can be so beneficial to video editors and podcast producers; specific time-tracking strategies for these creatives; and features to look for in a time-tracking system.

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  • Time Management Hacks for Self-Employed Professionals

    Kayla Matthews, a productivity-obsessed writer from Pittsburgh, has been writing for nearly a decade about self-improvement and business efficiency. You can see her articles on sites like MakeUseOf, Inc.com, Information Age, and her blog, ProductivityTheory.com.

    Are you managing your time in the best ways? Self-employment and remote work can come with an abundance of benefits. But they can also come with the pesky issue of time management.

    Time management isn’t just about time, either. It overflows into productivity, profits, stress, planning and so much more. Finding a balance in it all is the most important thing you can do.

    Whether you have been freelancing for years or just started working from home due to the current crisis, read on for hacks that will help you with time management!

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  • Attendance Tracking for Remote Work with Timing: A 3-Step Guide

    Attendance tracking

    Tens of millions of people are now working from home as a direct result of the Coronavirus crisis. In fact, some of the largest companies in the world – such as Apple, Google, and Amazon – are asking employees who regularly work in-office to stay home in order to mitigate the spread of the virus, which has had a devastating impact worldwide.

    How can employers and employees stay attentive and productive, even in the midst of a crisis?

    While we at Timing can’t magically make you more productive, our solution for tracking time and productivity might help get more order into the chaos we are all struggling with these days.

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  • The Full-Time Employee’s Guide to Time-Tracking


    As a full-time employee, your pay isn’t necessarily connected to the specific amount of hours you work. That being said, time-tracking – keeping careful track of how you spend your working hours – may not sound like a valuable use of your effort.

    Time-tracking, however, has the potential to transform your job, help you meet your goals, and give you powerful leverage with your employer.

    Knowing how many hours you’re spending at work, and what exactly you’re doing during those hours, can help you:

    • Increase your productivity
    • Take control of your work schedule
    • Get richer insight into your in-office and out-of-office working hours
    • Gain leverage to ask for a raise or change in position
    • And more…

    In the following article, we’ll look at specific ways time-tracking can help you achieve the above, and potentially more.

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  • How to Stay Productive When Your Home Life Feels Unstable

    stay productive

    Life happens. Although most of us prefer it when our lives are smooth and unproblematic, the reality is that most of us will experience personal crises at some time or another. Death in the family, chronic illness, divorce, parenting issues, and financial burdens are just a handful of problems that might come at us unexpectedly. As if these situations weren’t difficult enough on their own, you’ll most likely face an additional challenge during seasons like these: Learning to stay productive in the midst of emotional and mental stress.

    In this article, we’ll look at how to remain productive and on-task during your working hours, even when your home life feels unstable.

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  • Timing 2020.1: Re-Applying Rules, Performance and Usability Improvements

    We are happy to announce the release of Timing 2020.1!

    This version includes the following new features:

    • Added support for re-applying rules to past activities. You can either re-apply
      all rules via the “Edit” menu or only a specific project’s rules by right-clicking that project in
      the project list. Note that rules will only be re-applied to all visible activities, so make sure
      to select the desired date range first. And if you would like to re-apply rules only for activities that
      have not been assigned a project yet, select “Unassigned” rather than “All Activities” before re-applying the rules.
    • Timing now shows an indicator for the current time on the timeline.
    • You can now view time spent per app and per unit of time (e.g. per hour/day/week/month) on the Overview screen’s large bar chart.
    • Added support for tracking the current URL and incognito mode for Microsoft Edge.
    • Wish you could re-use a previous task’s notes when using the “Task suggestions” auto-complete pop-up? You now can! Simply keep ⌥/Alt pressed while accepting the desired suggestion.

    The update also includes a few quality of life improvements as well as a bunch of performance optimizations. You can read about those in the full release notes for Timing 2020.1.

    The “re-applying rules” feature turned out to be more complicated than expected. If you are interested in the “origin story” of that feature and how we develop new features here at Timing, read on!

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  • How to Create a Project- or Task-Specific Report in Timing

    Report timing

    One of the most powerful benefits of using Timing is that it allows you to export instant reports that include details about how you’ve spent your working hours.

    A detailed, project- or task-specific report can be especially useful when it comes to billing clients for your time–but it can also be used for:

    • Reviewing your personal time usage on specific projects or clients,
    • Estimating time usage/costs for similar projects or clients, and
    • Leverage while proposing an increased rate to a client (or potentially, an employer).

    In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create a report in Timing, as well as different types of reports you might want to generate to get richer insight into your most valuable resource: your time.

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  • Batching 101: Boost Your Productivity with this Simple Hack

    The truth is, being productive is more science than art. How do you master this science? Well, it takes time, practice, and trial-and-error. But there’s one powerful strategy that will give you a good start: Batching.

    Batching means that you group similar tasks together, rather than work piecemeal, jumping from one task to another. This strategy isn’t complicated, but it can radically transform the way you finish projects, approach your “to do” lists, and even manage stress.

    In this article, we’ll take a look at why to batch, as well as how…giving you a superhero strategy to finish every workday feeling like a boss.

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  • 10 Signs You Need to Start Tracking Your Time

    Kayla Matthews, a productivity-obsessed writer from Pittsburgh, has been writing for nearly a decade about self-improvement and business efficiency. You can see her articles on sites like MakeUseOf, Inc.com, Information Age, and her blog, ProductivityTheory.com.

    When you wake up every day, you know what you can expect based on your schedule. You might need to take notes at meetings or present to your team. Blocking off time for big events is easy, but how good are you when it comes to narrowing down what you’ll do in shorter periods?

    Imagine you have two hours to work on assignments before your next meeting. You might tackle your duties by jumping in and not stopping for breaks, but then time slips by. Before you know it, you’ve barely accomplished anything and you have to leave.

    This is one of the common ways people realize they aren’t as productive as they’d like to be. If you think that might be you, here are 10 signs that prove you need to start tracking your time. Once you try a few of these tips and start tracking time, you’ll breeze through your daily schedule and accomplish more than ever before.

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