• The Importance of Time Recording for Team Efficiency

    Many teams agree that time recording is essential in improving productivity and efficiency. However, they usually avoid tracking work hours. It feels like a burden to record time manually since it disrupts their work days, takes up additional time, and results in inaccurate reports.

    In the long run, avoiding time recording will do far more harm than good for your team since the average employee faces more than 50 distractions daily, while multitasking makes them 40% less productive

    You can use automatic time tracking software such as Timing to overcome these challenges and improve operational efficiency and team effectiveness.

    Timing automatically tracks time for your team, helping them do their jobs without interruptions. They can freely switch between tasks without worrying about starting and stopping timers. 

    Timing enables you to understand team capacity, improve time, resources, project management, and increase project profitability by keeping your team on track. 

    Timing also preserves your team members’ privacy by showing the aggregate project time record without personal details. You can get an overview of the time spent on each project to make necessary improvements. To see how it works, download Timing and start tracking time with a 30-day free trial.

    In today’s article, we will explain the importance of time recording for team efficiency and show how to use Timing to achieve your business goals. Let’s start with some general information on time recording.
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  • How to Track Employee Time Effectively: Manual vs Automatic Time Tracking

    To track or not to track… That was the question.

    Not anymore.

    To track manually or automatically – that is the question of today’s importance. Because of poor time tracking habits and, consequently, untracked time, US companies lose $8.8 billion per day.

    Image author: Annie Spratt 


    Businesses still face burdensome disagreements around employee work hours and struggle to decide how to monitor the latter efficiently. Let’s take the controversy around old-fashioned paper timesheets vs digitally-driven solutions for worker time monitoring.

    Are you still using paper timesheets or have you already switched to digital methods and productivity apps?

    You’ll definitely change your mind in favor of automatic tools after reading this article. Dive in.

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  • The Top Hard and Soft Freelancing Skills You Should Spend the Time to Develop

    Freelancing skills

    As a freelancer, you’re in charge of everything, including your own personal development. No one will force you to attend classes, take courses, study new techniques, or practice new skills. That all falls on you.

    If you’re thinking, “I don’t need to improve; I already know how to do my job,” you’re making a serious mistake. There is always something new to learn, some new way to improve yourself and the work you perform for your clients. To be competitive and find reasons to raise your rates, you must continually develop your skills.

    But which skills should you improve? We can help with that. This article lays out the top freelancing skills that will help your career.

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  • 10 Ways to Improve Poor Time Management

    Poor time management is detrimental to productivity and brings more stress to work. It is proven to affect work-life balance and relationships with colleagues. Statistics show that the average person tries to solve this problem using 13 different time management methods.

    Timing, our automatic time tracking tool for macOS users, helps you overcome this issue. It records your time down to the second and helps you become more productive and efficient. 

    With Timing, you get reports on your activities which allow you to identify distractions and take measures to improve your time management. To start tracking your time automatically, without having to remember to start and stop timers manually, download Timing today and use a 30-day free trial to test all features.

    Today we will discuss the signs that tell if you fall victim to common time management mistakes. We will also give you ten tips to fix these issues, become more productive and efficient, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being.

    We will also explain how time tracking helps identify time management problems and provides data-based insights on potential improvements. Finally, we will present nine ways Timing enables you to combat poor time management.

    Before we share our ten tips to improve your time management, let’s explain why that is important.

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  • 10 Ways to Overcome Time Anxiety Using Time Tracking

    Modern-day urban life can be hectic. Millions of people are constantly busy and always in a hurry. They race against time, which can have long-term effects on their physical and mental health.

    A typical response to this situation is to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and worried that there is not enough time for what we want to do. It is called time anxiety, affecting more or less everyone juggling multiple professional and personal activities.

    Good time management is an antidote to time anxiety. To manage your time, you must first understand how you spend it throughout the day. Automatic time tracking tools, such as our Timing for macOS users, provide detailed reports of your activities. With Timing, you don’t have to remember to start, pause or stop timers since it records your time automatically. 

    You can track time to the second and use the recorded data to identify distractions and productivity issues in your daily work. Timing helps you understand where your time goes and gives you complete control over the deep-level data you can’t gather with manual time tracking. What’s best, you can download Timing and start a 30-day free trial today.

    In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons for time anxiety and how it affects your mental health. We’ll also explain how time tracking helps you overcome time anxiety and focus on meaningful activities. Before we share our tips for overcoming time anxiety, let’s define what it is.

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  • Freelancing Red Flags: 16 Signs to Abandon That Problem Client

    Freelancing is more popular than ever, which means more people and businesses are using freelancers to meet their needs. It’s a tremendous time to be a freelancer as nearly every industry is embracing this work model, especially since the pandemic.

    But while many of your client relationships are healthy, productive, and lucrative, some just aren’t worth the trouble. As a freelancer, it’s smart to identify your problem clients and abandon them quickly. The sooner you call it quits with a bad client, the sooner you can start working with a good one. 

    How do you predict if a client will be a problem? By looking out for red flags that indicate the arrangement won’t be pleasant for you. This article lays out the top freelancing red flags and what to do if you spot them.

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  • Top Five Time Tracking Software for Architects

    time tracking software for architects

    Image source: energepic.com

    Architects have a strong need for accurate time tracking software. Many freelance architects and architectural firms charge by the hour. However, their hourly rate is only one side of the equation. Architects also need a reliable record of billable hours to manage project costs and invoice their clients accurately.

    As an architect, you need an automatic time tracking tool that is either part of your project management software or a standalone solution that you can integrate with your toolset to keep your projects moving forward.

    A time tracking app, such as our Timing for macOS, can help you create more accurate timesheets through automation. Timing does not require manual time logging or entries. Instead, it automatically tracks how much time you spend on each app, document, and website. This means you always know how much time you spend on work-related activities, allowing you to concentrate on your most important tasks. 

    Timing also has you covered with a web app you can use on your mobile iOS or Android device. It lets you start and stop timers manually during your offline meetings, site visits, and when you’re generally out of the office. You can check our website to learn more or download Timing to start your 30-day free trial and see how it works.

    In this article, we will discuss the benefits of automatic time tracking software for architects and shortlist the top five timekeeping apps you can use to get a more accurate picture of how you spend your workday.

    Before we start with our top picks, let’s dive into why architects need reliable time tracking tools.

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  • Attorney Time Tracking: 5 Best Tools to Measure the Value of Your Work

    attorney time tracking

    Image source: Mateus Campos Felipe

    Attorney time tracking is one of the most important administrative tasks in a law practice. With most attorneys charging an hourly rate, precise tracking of work-related activities presents a challenge since your income depends on timekeeping. The more reliable your time tracking app is, the more accurate your billing will be.

    Ironically, both timekeeping and billing are administrative tasks. The time you spend on them is not case-related, making it non-billable. However, you can’t skip it because your revenue depends on it. That’s why attorneys need reliable time tracking tools that provide detailed reports on how they spend their workdays.

    With Timing, our automatic time tracking tool for macOS users, you will never worry about tracking the time you spend on work-related activities. Since Timing records your time automatically, you won’t have to remember to start and stop timers yourself. You can focus and work without distraction.  Timing also provides detailed reports and gives you complete control over the deep-level data, which is impossible to gather with manual time tracking.

    Using Timing reports saves time and increases accuracy when billing your clients, ensuring that no time is accidentally left unbilled. It helps you gain clients’ trust and improve your reputation. You can download our app and start your 30-day free trial to see how Timing works.

    In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of time tracking software for lawyers. We’ll outline the must-have features and how they help with the daily timekeeping challenges. Finally, we’ll list the five best lawyer time tracking tools and discuss each tool’s pros and cons.

    Before we get to the top five, let’s start with attorneys’ common timekeeping challenges.

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  • Should You Call Yourself a Freelancer? Why Your Title Might Be Holding You Back

    Should you call yourself a freelancer

    The words you use to describe yourself matter. Words affect your personal brand. They influence people’s perception of you, especially when a few words is all they know about you. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you need to be thoughtful with the words you use to describe yourself and your work. 

    The words we speak aloud can even affect our own brains. Simply introducing yourself to a client can change the way you view yourself. If you refer to yourself as an experienced professional, eventually, you will start to think of yourself as such. But if you refer to yourself as an amateur or newbie, that’s exactly what you’ll be. 

    Self-perception is important because words can influence your own mood and behavior. Having repetitive negative thoughts can activate the brain’s fear center. If you think of yourself as an imposter who lacks control over their work and career, you’ll present that message to clients and prospects through your behavior and language. 

    Your title is one of the first pieces of information that prospective clients learn about you. It should tell clients who you are and how you can help them. This begs the question: Are you introducing yourself properly? Does it make sense to call yourself a “freelancer,” or is there a different way to set the stage for client relationships?

    In this article, we help you understand whether it makes sense to call yourself a freelancer or if a different term is more suitable for your career.

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  • Why (and How) You Should Schedule Time For Your Relationship

    Time tracking is for work… right? Think again. While it might seem unromantic to schedule time with your significant other, it can actually be the opposite.

    Do you remember the early days of your relationship, when you would move earth and heaven to make a date work? It didn’t matter if you were tired from work, just back from a trip, or had something else that mysteriously ‘just happened’ to get rescheduled, if you were really excited about someone you would make time to see them. What about now? Do you still make time for your partner?

    As February is the month of Valentine’s, it’s a good excuse to think about your lovelife — whether you subscribe to the idea of Valentine’s Day or not. Regardless if you’ve been together six months, a year, or married for ten, chances are you’ve fallen into a rut or five. Particularly if you live together, chances are you’re spending a lot of time in each other’s company without actually being together. Overtime, this will naturally lead to dissatisfaction in and the breakdown of your relationship.

    Aside from not wanting to lose your loved one, why is it important to work on being happy and present in a relationship? Well, studies show that when you’re in a fulfilling relationship, everything in life is better — from your performance at work to your cardiac health. We’ve come up with five different ways you can schedule time in your relationship, for a happier relationship and happier life.

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