Automatic Time Tracking: Focus on your tasks instead of timers.

Timing revolutionizes time tracking by automatically recording your app, document, and website usage to precisely capture where your time goes without manual input.

Smart Categorization with Rules

Automatic project rules seamlessly categorize your activities, ensuring that every second is accounted for accurately across all of your projects.

Automatic Call Tracking and Logging

Post-call prompts allow for effortless time entry for your calls, making sure all client interactions are automatically tracked and stored.

Screen Time Import from iOS

Timing's unique Screen Time import feature ensures even the time spent on your iOS devices is efficiently tracked and integrated into your workflow seamlessly. This means you can now benefit from automatic time tracking even on iOS!

Automatic Phone Call Import

Automatically import your phone call logs from iPhone, to capture every business call within your time tracking effortlessly.

Intelligent Block Suggestions

Timing automatically suggests blocks of time that belong together, streamlining your time entry process and reducing manual overhead.

Idle Detection – Never Miss Out on Tracking

When you return to your Mac after a break, Timing's idle detection automatically prompts you to log what you've been working on.

Additional automation-focused Features:

Web API and AppleScript Interface

The API and AppleScript interface, along with Zapier integration, offer limitless automation possibilities for your time tracking data, streamlining workflows and saving time.

Zapier Integration

Automate time entry and project tracking with Zapier integrations connecting your favorite tools and services without manual intervention.

Automate your time tracking with Timing!