Zoom time tracking

Automatic Time Tracking for Zoom…

…and all other apps!

Timing tracks every second you spend in voice and video calls, without having to start and stop timers.
You see exactly how much time was spent on each individual Zoom meeting, and can easily categorize that time using drag-and-drop.

Download the Timing app and start tracking your time in Zoom today!

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Track time in Zoom meetings.

Timing automatically detects when a Zoom call has ended and offers to record time for that time period. That way, you'll never forget to track time spent in a meeting again.

In a similar fashion, Timing also lets you record time for calendar events.

Track time in all other conversations.

Here's an example of the information Timing records for Slack. Notice how Timing tracks how much time you spend on each conversation, without having to install any sort of plugin.

Most web browsers and other apps, including communication apps are also supported. And all of this information is only visible to you, of course.

In fact, we have a dedicated page on why Timing is the ideal time-tracking app for today's remote work!

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Assign your time to projects.

Simply assign your time via drag and drop, then use the timeline's smart suggestions to combine blocks of time that belong together.

You have never accounted for so much time with so few clicks!

Manual time entries: Giving you full control.

Not all your work happens in front of the computer. Timing’s interactive timeline makes it easy to add “offline time” such as meetings with just a few clicks.

And when you want to focus on a specific task, Timing lets you start and stop timers just like any other time tracking app.

Know how much time you spent on any device, including iPhone and iPad.

Timing can import your mobile app usage from Screen Time, giving you a comprehensive overview of all your work, regardless of which device you used.

Timing is the only third-party solution for viewing Screen Time data in this way.

Privacy-friendly time tracking for teams.

Timing also supports working in groups. Your team members can report time towards shared projects; you view their reports in the Timing web app. No personal times or private details are shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time did I spend in Zoom?

To learn how much time you spent in Zoom, you can install the Timing app. This app will then automatically track how much time you spend in voice and video calls in Zoom video chat and all other apps, so you see exactly where your Zoom time went.

How do I track time in Zoom?

Tracking time in Zoom is easy. Simply download the Timing app and install it. Timing will then run in the background, automatically tracking in the background how much time you spend in voice and video calls in Zoom video chat. No start/stop timers required!

Do I need any Zoom time tracking plugins?

You do not need any plugins or extensions to track time in Zoom. Instead, our app Timing periodically asks the Zoom video chat app what you are working on and records time for that — without the need to install a plugin!

How does time tracking for Zoom work?

Timing tracks Zoom times by frequently checking what you do in that app. It will then record those times towards the open Zoom meeting. This works without having to install any extension or plugin; simply download and install the Timing app. The rest works automatically!

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Free 30-day trial for Mac, no credit card required.