Timing for Teams: Using Timing as a Team Administrator

This is the detailed process for working with your team in Timing, from start to finish:

  1. Create a team in the Timing Web App.
  2. Invite team members to the new team; we'll automatically send them an invitation email.
    They can also read our guide for team members.
  3. Create projects in your team as needed via Timing's sidebar: You can also migrate some of your private projects to share them with the team; please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions on how to do that.
  4. Once your team members have started recording their time, view their reports in the Timing Web App: If you do not see your team members' times, make sure that Include Team is checked in the report options.
    In addition, keep in mind that reports will only show team members' manually created time entries (tasks), not their app usage.

Additional Considerations

Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers many questions about Timing for Teams.
Please check if your question is answered there, or contact us if you have a specific inquiry.


That's it, you are all set!

As always, should you have any questions about Timing, do not hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help!

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