Timing for Teams: Using Timing as a Team Administrator

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Table of Contents

Video Tutorial: Creating a Team and Inviting Team Members

Video Tutorial: Viewing Your Team Members' Times


This is the detailed process for working with your team in Timing, from start to finish. It is also explained visually in the two video tutorials above.

  1. Create a team in the Timing web app.
  2. Invite team members to the new team; we'll automatically send them an invitation email.
    They can also read our guide for team members.
    If you already have a Timing subscription, you can also select "Also create subscription seat" to add a seat for the new member to your subscription: Subscription seats and team members are managed independently from one another (to e.g. let you create multiple teams with one subscription), but checking this option saves you the extra step of also adding the new member to your subscription. Note that if this option is checked, your team member will receive two emails: one to join the team and another to activate their subscription seat. They will need to click the links in both emails in order to both join the team and activate their subscription.
  3. Create projects in your team as needed via Timing's sidebar:
  4. If you would like to import existing Timing projects into your team, please have a look at this FAQ entry.
  5. Once your team members have started recording their time, view their reports in the Timing web app: You can also watch our video tutorial on viewing team members' times for a quick overview of the process: If you do not see your team members' times, make sure that App Usage and Team Members are checked in the report options.


Please note that you can only view your team members' times via the Timing web app, not in the Timing Mac app.

In addition, to protect your team members' privacy, you will not be able to view which apps, documents and websites they used. However, you can see the total time they spent on each team project.

Your team members' private (i.e. non-team) projects are also private to that person and not visible to you.

Additional Considerations

Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers many questions about Timing for Teams.
Please check if your question is answered there, or contact us if you have a specific inquiry.


That's it, you are all set!

As always, should you have any questions about Timing, do not hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help!

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