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Frequently Asked Questions

Which version should I choose?

Timing 2 comes in three editions.

  • If you only want to know how you spend time on your Mac, the Productivity edition is the right choice for you.
    It will track time spent in apps, lets you assign those activities to projects, and create rules.
    It also computes a productivity score so you know exactly how you are doing.
  • If you also want to track off-computer time, group blocks of time into tasks, or bill your time, consider the Professional edition.
    In addition to all the features of the Productivity edition, it lets you create tasks and even makes suggestions on blocks of time that belong together.
    It also lets you start and stop manual timers and generate reports suitable for sending to your clients.
  • If you are a heavy power user or want maximum control over your time tracking, the Expert edition is for you.
    It adds the option to save filters (in addition to projects) to further analyze how you spend your time.
    It also offers additional options for customizing reports, and lets you control Timing (and extract data) via AppleScript.

What does "Free Updates for X Months" mean?

When you purchase Timing, you can use the app for as long as you want.
However, unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide free updates for life.
Therefore, each Timing license comes with 12 months of free updates by default.
If you install a version of Timing that has been released after your free update period has ended, you will be asked to downgrade to an older version or purchase a discounted update license ($19/$29/$49, respectively) to get another year of updates.

We believe this combines the best of both worlds:
Your purchase lets you use Timing for as long as you like,
and we as developers are incentivized to provide updates that you consider worth purchasing an update for.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. We offer bulk discounts for orders of five licenses or more.
Please contact us for more details.

Can I upgrade to a different edition of Timing later?

Yes. Upgrading is a manual process and costs the difference between the two options, plus $10.
When you need to do so, please contact us.

How many Macs is one Timing license good for?

You can use Timing on up to two, three, or four (for Timing Productivity, Professional, and Expert, respectively) personal Macs belonging to you or your family. If you are using Timing in a business, each employee needs their own Timing license. (E.g. you can't use the same Productivity license on two Macs used by different employees.)

Is there a discount for students or faculty members?

Yes. Please contact us with a proof of your student/faculty status for more details.

Upgrading from Timing 1

What's new in Timing 2?

Timing 2 has been rewritten from scratch and comes with a completely new interface,
as well as tons of new features.

Please see this page for more details.

I have purchased Timing 1 before — do I get a discount on Timing 2?

If you have purchased Timing 1 in 2017, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Timing 2 Expert edition.
If you have purchased Timing 1 before 2017, you can still upgrade to Timing 2 at discounted prices of $19/$29/$49, respectively — see our pricing page for more details on the different options.

How can I claim my discount?

Simply install Timing 2 on your Mac and complete the onboarding.
If you are eligible for a free upgrade, Timing should automatically tell you as soon as the app has launched.
Otherwise, open the "Timing" menu, then use the "Purchase Timing…" option (might also be called "Request Free License…").
If you encounter any problems with this process, please contact us.

In case the order page that you opened via the steps above does not show the proper prices (free or $19/$29/$49, respectively),
please make sure that you have Timing 1 installed and, if you didn't purchase it from the Mac App Store, that your Timing 1 license is activated.
After that, restart Timing 2 and follow the steps above again.
If you still aren't getting the discounted prices, please contact us.

I am getting a "License not found" error?

During Timing 2's early access phase, we let you generate temporary licenses for a while.
The early access phase has ended, so these licenses are no longer valid.
If you'd like to keep using Timing, please purchase a license above.
If you have purchased Timing 1 before, please see here for our upgrade discounts.