Reminders Integration

Timing's Reminders integration lets you view when you completed reminders on your timeline and suggest their reminder titles when creating time entries. This gives you additional context for when you worked on specific tasks throughout your day, allowing for more accurate time tracking.

Learn how to set up and use this integration below.

Getting Started

To set up this integration, open the Timing integration preferences and add the Reminders integration. Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, grant Timing the permission to access your Mac's reminders database. This is required for Timing to import your reminders.
  2. Decide whether you want to import all reminders or only those from specific lists, giving you control over which tasks appear on your timeline. This allows you to e.g. only import reminders from your "Work" list, ensuring that your timeline is relevant to your current projects and does not include personal tasks.

After completing the setup, Timing should soon begin to show events for completed reminders on your timeline. In addition, whenever you create a new time entry, Timing will include the titles of completed reminders in the list of suggestions for the time entry's title.

Customization Options

To keep the amount of information on your timeline manageable, Timing offers a few customization options for the Reminders integration:

  • Choose to display reminders from all lists or just selected ones, ensuring relevance to your current projects.
  • Recurring reminders can be set to be hidden, similar to filtering out phone calls with specific contacts. This allows you to permanently hide recurring tasks such as "Walk the dog" from your timeline, further reducing clutter.

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