It happens to the best of us: We plan to have an incredibly productive day, only to be pulled in a thousand different directions. Surprise meetings, client calls, or even having to pick up your sick kid from school, can disrupt your plans. You feel guilty, as if you’re not accomplishing what you set out to.

Worry no more! With Timing, you can keep track of the time you spent on the go, not just on your computer. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you really were being productive in all those meetings. You’ll have proof to show your boss just how you spent time away from your desk. Or you can show your clients just how much of your time they take when they call you at all hours of the day.

Unfortunately, the kind of automatic app tracking that Timing does, would not be possible on iOS, as that operating system is much more locked down than macOS. You can use iOS’ “Screen Time” feature there for a similar outcome, though, but that data can’t be exported from iOS (and thus not incorporated into Timing).

Tracking your time on the go

There are two simple ways to add time spent on the go to Timing:

  1. From your iPhone, by creating a calendar event to sync to Timing, or
  2. When you’re back at your computer, by filling in the timeline to record your time away.

Option #1: Creating a calendar event on your iPhone. It’s as easy as using a calendar app on your iPhone or iPad. Just create a calendar event for the time you spent on the go (in a meeting, on a client call, etc.)

You can have Timing Expert show these events in the timeline and add them as tasks — with only one click!

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a calendar event in your iPhone’s calendar app.
  2. Set up Timing’s calendar integration.
  3. Create a task from that event.
  4. Verify the time and then click ‘Add Task’.

That’s it! The time you spent away from your computer has been recorded and you don’t have to worry about a lapse in your timeline.

This is also a great way to quickly track time for recurring events in Timing. For example, meetings, lectures, or even client calls.

You can read more about this feature here…

Pro tip: You can option-/alt-click calendar events in the Timing timeline to immediately create Timing tasks for them — no manually entering tasks into Timing!

Option #2: Fill in the timeline from your computer. Once back at your desk, all you need to do is click on any of the grey ‘+’ boxes in the Timing timeline to fill that gap with a task.

Timing is so smart that it will even make grey task suggestions for time when you didn’t use your Mac. This makes accounting for your “offline” time even easier!

Want to see it in action? Read more about filling in the timeline here…


Now you know two simple ways to track your time “offline”! How will your productivity improve by keeping track of your “on the go” hours?