Controlling Tracking via AppleScript

Simply copy the following script(s) into a new "Script Editor" document and press run.
Feel free to customize them for your use cases.

Note: We do not take responsibility for any data loss incurred by running these scripts.
Make sure to back up your data (e.g. by copying the directories mentioned here to a different location) before running these scripts.

Pausing all tracking for five minutes

-- Copyright (c) 2022 Timing Software GmbH. All rights reserved.
-- This script is licensed only to extend the functionality of Timing. Redistribution and any other uses are not allowed without prior permission from us.
tell application "TimingHelper"
	if not scripting support available then
		error "This script requires a Timing Expert subscription. Please contact support via to upgrade."
	end if
end tell
tell application "TimingHelper"
	pause tracking
	delay 5 * 60
	resume tracking
end tell

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