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Do you know how much time you really spend coding?

Did that bug fix take you an hour? or two?
What about all the time you spend emailing, or in meetings?

We're all trying to be as productive as possible.
But you can't improve what you don't measure.

Timing helps you by automatically tracking which files you edit, which apps you use, and which websites you use.
So at the end of the day, you know exactly how much time you spent on coding, email, Twitter and Hacker News.
It's probably more than you think!

And if you are freelancing, Timing will make you more money by recovering unbilled hours!

Supports your favorite Editor

Xcode, AppCode, Android Studio, Sublime Text, MacVim, AquaMacs, Atom, RubyMine — you name it, we support it.
We even track the current working directory in Terminal.
See the compatibility list for details.

Supports Safari, Chrome and Firefox

You work a lot in the browser?
Timing has you covered as well!

Avoid Procrastination

Timing mercilessly shows you how much time you spend on Hacker News, Twitter, Facebook, and playing 2048.

Fix your Work-Life Balance

See how many hours you are working and track your progress reducing them.

Protects Your Privacy

Tracking data is stored locally and never leaves your Mac.
See our FAQ page for details.

Get To Know Yourself

Do you know during which hours you are most easily distracted?
With Timing, you can find out and schedule proper breaks.

No Ongoing Subscription Fees

Timing only costs $49 once, and you keep using the app for as long as you wish.
Plus, iOS Dev Weekly readers get an extra 20% off on this page.

Better Accountability

Show your PM how much time that small change really took.

Low Resource Usage

We hate apps dragging down our Macs just as much as you do.
That's why we engineered Timing to consume so few resources that you won't even notice it.
It also doesn't require you to instally any extra plugins.

As Many Projects As You Need

Simply drag and drop your activities into projects for a tidy overview of your time.

Spend Less Time Tracking.
And More Time Working.

Everything in Timing is built to get the job done super quickly.

For example, we even optimized the date picker to require as few clicks as possible.
That way you can spend more time on the important things in your life instead and be more productive!

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Product Image

Did Something Off Your Mac?
Timing Has You Covered!

If you need to track other activities, such as phone calls or meetings, simply add them manually.
Timing can even automatically ask you what you did when you return to your desk!

Get An Overview Of Your Activities.

Timing displays exactly where your time went.
It lets you group activities:

  • by Project
  • by App
  • by Activity
  • by Date
  • by Hour.

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  • Over the last 30 years of using a Mac I’ve tried a plethora of different time tracking applications, and without a doubt, Timing is my favorite one.

    I love that it’s unobtrusive (if you want it to be) yet very detailed in it’s collection of data about what apps and documents you are using. I love that I don’t have to “start tracking” like so many other time tracking apps make you do.

    Kenji Kato
  • Timing is really unobtrusive, it just works, in the background. No hassle with manual input of data, no allocating to projects, it just records all my work. And when you need to know what you’ve done it’s there, all my hours, by project, by period.

    Really valuable for me, being self employed and doing a ton of things per day, in the evening, in the weekends. Now I can make my hours billable.

    Guus den Tonkelaar
  • I’ve never been able to use apps with a start and stop timer, and I’ve had minimal happiness with other timing apps. Enter Timing…

    Wow! I can’t get over much time this saves me. I don’t have to set anything up before I begin working on a project. I can FINISH a project and take less than 1 minute (after it’s completed) to drag all the specified folder and files and websites into the Timing project and Wham! I have an accurate total number of hours spent actively working on the project.

    James Torn
  • This is an amazing tool to control and backtrack the usage of the programs you use. Goodbye procrastination!! This app is so well programmed too! Little details that other programmers leave behind is absolutely not a concern here.

    This app turns out to actually work better than expected. Let’s say you want to know how much time do you spend in a webpage. The app will tell you how long you spend with your browser open AND also which page you were visiting.